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September 15th, 2011

Warspear Online 1.5.1

2 years, 45 days ago, Android Games, by admin.
Warspear Online

Current Version:1.5.1

Requires Android:1.6 and up


V1.5.1 update:

# The input type option is added in the game settings.

Immerse yourself into the colorful world of adventure and find new friends!

Join thousands of players in Warspear Online, a free-to-play cross-platform fantasy MMORPG! Choose your faction and seek dominance in Arinar, the original world rich with mysteries and legends. Customize your character’s appearance, skills and gear to quest for glory or fight Legendary Evils with fellow companions. Prove your bravery against other players in PvP.


- 2 opposed factions, 6 classes, unique active and passive class skills
- 700 original quests and more arrive in monthly updates
- 1200 creatures
- 20 game locations and 30 dungeons
- Team quests and bosses
- Warzones for massive PVP
- Chats, friends and trade
- Farm-protected level up system
- Full character customization: from hairstyle to couture and action hero costumes


Play online on every device at hand on the go or at home!


Game updates arrive twice a month offering new quests & dungeons, skills, extra character customization options and in-game luxury shop items.

Warspear Online 1Warspear Online 2Warspear Online 3

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Download Warspear Online 1.5.1
Download Warspear Online 1.5.1 apk

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