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November 21st, 2012

Battery Saver [2x Battery] 1.13.81951

1 year, 100 days ago, Android Apps, by apkfan.

Current Version: 1.13.81951
Requires Android: 2.1 and up
Category: Tools
v1.13.81951 update:

No recent changes.


Want to extend your battery life by 20-35% for free? Now you can with Battery Saver Pro! With just the press of a single button, you can save lots of your battery life.

How does it work? Well, Battery Saver Pro run in the background and automatically disable battery-sucking features of your phone when you aren’t using them. For example, this app will disable Bluetooth when you are not using it. Some other examples of battery-intensive processes that are disabled when you aren’t using them include: wifi, 3G, 4G, bright screen, and network Services. You will never even notice the difference because Battery Saver Pro only disables stuff when you are not using them! It’s like a silent ghost working in the background to boost your battery by lots.

This application is brought to you totally free with the help of search monetization. I have opted to use this to be able to keep creating more free apps for you. Please note that with this app you will receive a few search points on your device, all are easily deleted or replaced. Thank you for your understanding.

Disclaimer: This app is a placebo. It doesn’t actually boost your battery’s life. It’s a prank app which you can use to trick your friends.

Download via Google Play:
download button Battery Saver [2x Battery] 1.13.81951 on Google Play
Download :
download button Download Battery Saver [2x Battery] 1.13.81951

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